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Chicago Neighborhood Guide: Our Favorite Spots in Andersonville

With 77 neighborhoods in Chicago, there is always an area to explore! Discovering new spots is exciting, and can open your eyes to places you…

Uvae Kitchen

With 77 neighborhoods in Chicago, there is always an area to explore! Discovering new spots is exciting, and can open your eyes to places you might of missed by being in your own scene or going on your typical commutes. Plus, everyone loves knowing a secret local spot that they can recommend to friends! Gives you that influencer-level cred ? So this week, instead of going to your usual trusted venues, take a chance and go somewhere new. Here are a few spots in Andersonville we’d suggest! Maybe you’ll be trying them for the first time, or maybe they’re an old favorite you’ve been meaning to visit again. No matter what your reason, these spots are worth a visit…

  1. Womens & Children First Bookstore

Originally opened in 1979, Women’s & Children’s Bookstore is a one stop shop for any literary needs, with an especially impressive array of feminist and politically-focused literature.The bookshop was founded by two graduate students who specifically wanted to create a bookstore that highlighted women authors. Committed to uplifting underrepresented authors; trans, non binary, women, people of color, and disabled authors, the store is also passionate about children’s books that mirror children who come from many backgrounds to introduce the concepts to kids early on in their lives. This shop represents the Chicago and the world that is all around us. 

  1. ENJOY Andersonville 

This store is an eclectic mix of fun pieces filled with home decor, self care must-haves, games, and stationery products. These are definitely not items you’d find at a large chain, and their unique inventory will definitely be a fun conversation starter. Take your time and enjoy looking for pieces that are trendy and up to date in pop culture, and don’t be surprised if you walk in to see your favorite meme on goods inside the store!

3. Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery

You can’t explore on an empty stomach, and the Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery is a perfect place to stop at for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. From the cafe menu, you can choose from their insane chicken shawarmas, plus various wraps, bites, and salads. And just in case you want to take piece of the Middle East back home, their grocery store is connected and has an offering of Middle Eastern staples like hummus, turkish delight, and baklava. Your sweet tooth will be more than satisfied!

4. Raygun

When it first opened, there wasn’t that much meaning behind the name of Raygun, but it was a whimsical, nonsense word that came together with selling quirky pieces to match. The clothing and most of the products sold in the store are made and designed by the employees, and they also have some partnerships with local organizations and nonprofits. Andersonville as a neighborhood is super small business-friendly overall, so the store was a great fit for the neighborhood. If you’re looking for a place to represent your pride for the midwest, this is your one-stop shop!

5. Uvae Kitchen & Wine Bar

End the day with a glass of your new favorite wine – found by the experts at Uvae Kitchen & Wine Bar! This women-run spot makes wine accessible and understandable, creating a space where people can gather and learn about our favorite topic: vino!

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This is a guest post from author Christian Cook, who’s first novel I Hate Grey is out now. An alumn of Columbia College Chicago, Christian has had a life-long passion for writing that eventually took shape in journals she wrote in college, many of which were about her experiences living in the city for the first time. This culture shock eventually inspired the main character of the novel, and the rest (as they say) is history. I Hate Grey is being sold in Chicago at Volumes Bookstore (Gold Coast location) Sandmeyer’s Bookstore (South Loop location), and Quimby’s Bookstore (Wicker Park location).

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